About Me

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT MASSAGGIO GALORE: Q:  So who are you, anyway? A:  Pleased to meet you!  I'm Ray Misra, Licensed Massage Practitioner in Seattle, Washington (WA #60238031).  I'm a graduate of an 800-hour massage thera...



"He gave me a massage the day before my show, and that's why I was so limber!"

---El Vez, entertainer

"I loved it!"

---Shannon Wheeler, New Yorker cartoonist and creator of Too Much Coffee Man

"Ray is attentive and thorough. He has great instincts as well as great hands. I highly recommend him."

---A.G. from Interbay

"Ray is very kind and very good at what he does.  I wish I could have him all to myself."

---C.L. from Kirkland

"Very soothing!"

---C.B. from West Seattle

"The most relaxed I've ever felt in my LIFE!"

---S.L. from Capitol Hill

"Not your standard LMT. Professional, with great technique and clear dedication to your care. Listens, addresses your requests, good results. Will go to again."

---J.A. from Belltown

"Ray is amazing!...He is very knowledgable and did an awesome job!  You will be glad you saw Ray...now make an appointment to see for yourself, you won't be disappointed!

---A.G. from Bainbridge Island

"Feels comfortable and good."

---T.T. from Kitsap County

"It felt amazing."

---R.R. from Philadelphia

"I couldn't believe how much better i felt following my massage. Ray is more of a therapeutic massage therapist than a simple rub. He is very knowledgable and professional. I wholeheartedly recommend him for anyone who has aches and pains!"

---E.G. from Seattle

"Very nice/relaxing."

---T.P. from Federal Way

"Awesome...thank you so much!"

---L.U. from Seattle

"You worked miracles...you did a hell of a job!"

---T.B. from the Central District

"I get massages often so I can tell he's skilled. He did some deep massage on problems areas I at old him about and where he thought I needed it. I felt good afterwards...He has warm hands...He cares about his clients and it shows."

---C.D. from Juneau

"Amazing massage!"

---R.C. from Eugene

"Without a doubt, brightened my day."

---C.A. from Portland

"Ray has magic hands!"

---K.M. from Phinney Ridge

"Made my day...helped with my headache."

---D.R. from Phoenix


---R.T. from Edmonds

"Well worth it!"

---G.B. from Queen Anne

"I can BREATHE again!"

---S.S. from Mukilteo

"You made the right career choice, because you have pure love coming out of your hands."

---J.K. from Montana

"Ray was astounding! :)"

---J.R. from the Central District

"Great massage...gentle...nice firm pressure."

---F.M. from Kent

"Wonderful.  I loved it!  Thank you!"

---E.M. from Chile

"Ray is quirky :) but extremely professional and the most knowledgable [massage therapist] I've ever seen. As an athlete, I've seen all types of professionals in regard to tightness in my lower back. Ray identified the causes extremely quickly and I left feeling the best I have in 6 years. Nearly a month later--with his recommendations to keep my body feeling better--I'm performing and feeling better than I did when I was 18. Thanks Ray!"

---H.K. from California


---T.V. from Gig Harbor

"Very relaxing...we need a Ray at home."

---S.D. from Shoreline

"Ray was a wonderful healing presence."

---N.D. from Kent

"A very good LMP."

---M.A. from Mt. Baker

"I will not only recommend him but will also look forward to the next time."

---M.S. from Houston

How many different kinds of massage are there? 
Quite a few, actually.  Why, just off the top of my head, there's...
The one you want because it's your birthday.
The one you want because your back has been bothering you for days,
The one you want because you just ran a marathon and man, are you ever sore.
The one you want because it would be the perfect end to a perfect day.
The one you want because it's comforting and reassuring on a TERRIBLE day.
The one you want because that pulled muscle in your shoulder is still sore.
The one you want because you haven't been sleeping well.
The one you want because it's been a long week and you just want to relax and let it melt away.
The one you want because you fell down a flight of steps and now your hip hurts when you walk.
The one you want just because you know it's good for you.
Before I ever got a professional massage license, I spent over 20 years doing it just for fun.  At one time or another, people have asked me for every one of those massages, and they all left satisfied.
What kind of massage do YOU want?